Daphile HiFi Music System

  • Design for HiFi music playback
  • Your music center at home
  • Accurate CD ripping and automatic music information retrieval
  • Various music data transfer method with automatic database update
  • Music data backup for protecting your precious collections
  • Advanced music playback with BitPerfect, gapless, and DoP playback technologies

Design for HiFi Music Playback

Daphile is designed for HiFi music playback. By introducing RT-linux kernel and removing un-necessary features of linux, it makes system resource focus on important task of music playback. As Daphile natively integrats LMS (Logitech™ Media Server) and squeezebox player system, mobile apps which support LMS can be used to do playback control. With RAM-disk introduced to handle music data, no data streaming problem anymore. You can also tweak the buffer size of player to get preferred sound.

Your Music Center at Home

Daphile HiFi music system supports AirPlay® playback device and DLNA/UPnP music server. You can make your Silent Angel device become your music center at home by integrating with your existing music system and handheld devices easily. You can use your iOS device to play music with Silent Angel devices by using AirPlay®. Furthermore, you can also use DLNA application to play music in Silent Angel devices with mobile devices, PC, or DLNA players.

Accurate CD Ripping and Automatic Music Information Retrieval

Daphile integrates AccurateRip™ to do highly accurate CD ripping. It does CD data verification while it is set to accurate rip mode. You can also set CD read speed if you preferred. It also integrates music information retrieval feature to get music informations and cover art from internet. All you need to do is to insert the CD, and it will eject the CD when it is done.

Various Music Data Transfer Method With Automatic Database Update

Daphile supports various network drive protocols (CIFS, NFS, sshfs, and FTP are supported) and web interface for you to upload and manage your music data in your Silent Angel device. When data is changed, it updates the database automatically.

Music Data Backup For Protecting Your Precious Collections

With NAS network share connected as network drive in Daphile, backup task can be set to backup your precious collections daily, weekly, or monthly. Your precious music collections can be protected just the way you want.

Advanced Music Playback with Bit-perfect, Gapless, and DoP Playback Technologies

Daphile supports bit-perfect playback mode to keep every single bit of music data unchanged while playing back. It also manages gapless playback to get perfect experience. If your DAC supports DSD, the DoP (DSD over PCM) can be selected to make it play DSD music natively.