Silent Angel Zero MKII

An audiophile grade CAS and music center stores accurately ripped music and output crystal clear digital music signal

Extra Clear USB AUDIO signal

Silent Angel Zero MKII provides extra clear digital music signal with USB AUDIO designed for sensitive music data. By isolating USB AUDIO circuit from other circuits and enhancing the power circuit, it is able to deliver the extra clear USB audio data signal.

Your Ultimate Music Center

Silent Angel Zero MKII is equipped with 500 GB SSD. Without any moving part, it can silently store lossless and un-compressed music data of about 700 CDs. You can also choose 1TB (1000 GB) hard drive version to store music data of about 1,400 CDs.

  • SSD
  • 2.5"

Music is All You Can Hear

Silent Angel Zero MKII is a fan-less CAS (Computer As Source) platform. The powerful-but-green 4 cores 2.0 GHz CPU can even handle Bluray Disc 1080P video while consuming only 10 watt at max. It is so powerful that it only need to operate at 1.3 GHz clock rate when running Daphile HiFi music system to handle all your music data. As a result, it eliminates both electrical and acoustic noise from fan.

Handle Mechanical Vibration From Inside

To handle mechanical vibration well and keep sensitive components stable, Silent Angel Zero MKII introduces anti-vibration materials on singal connectors and clock generator components and other sensitive components. You are free to enjoy high dynamic range music.

Highly recommended to use high quality Daphile music system

Silent Angel Zero MKII supports Daphile music system. With Daphile installed, you can build a digital music system at home easily. Enjoy high quality music and easy-to-use music playback control at your fingertips! You can install Daphile with a USB flash drive by yourself and it is as easy as pie.
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Support Various Operating System

Beside Daphile, Silent Angel Zero MKII also supports Linux and Windows (Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 and Windows Server 2012). You can use your favorite operating system and media center software. Get related windows driver here!